• Dr. Marianne  Brandon

    Dr. Marianne Brandon

    Clinical psychologist and Diplomat in sex therapy

We are part of a massive social experiment. Sex, gender, and relationships are changing faster than at any other time in recorded history, all within a backdrop of exploding AI. Traditional gender ideals fade in our collective rear view mirror, while sex robots loom mysteriously in our future. Our social growth has resulted in intimacy becoming a confusing, complex, nuanced road. This course focuses on the many challenges modern couples face in their efforts to maintain intimacy in our increasingly techno culture – with suggestions on working out the kinks, and easing our growing pains.

What will I get from this course?

Couples are having less sex than ever. This is particularly noteworthy when you consider that porn use and the incidence of extra-marital affairs seem to be skyrocketing. People clearly want to be having sex, just not with their partners. This course is chock-filled with sex and relationship advice from a leading sex therapist who has worked with individuals and couples for over 20 years. Rather than the standard and simplistic PC guidance such as “communicate more” or “schedule sex”, you will be given a clear explanation of the many physiological, relationship, and emotional undercurrents impacting your sexual experience right now, as well as the specific practices Dr. Brandon uses with her own clients to improve their sex lives.

Who should take this course?

Anyone looking to improve their intimate relationship - this includes anyone seeking satisfying sex in a long-term committed relationship, as well as couples struggling with specific relationship challenges like intimate reconnection after having children, struggles with infertility, and recovering from an affair. 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1: You Aren’t Alone!
    • Introduction to Dr. Marianne Brandon
    • Lesson 1: What Things Have You Tried to Enhance Your Relationship?
    • Lesson 2: Being Intimate is Essential to Our Wellbeing
    • Lesson 3: Defining the Most Intimate Aspects of Your Relationship
    • Lesson 4: Why Relationships Are Harder to Maintain Today
    • Lesson 5: Common Sexual Concerns
    • Lesson 6: If It Impacts You, It Can Impact Your Sex Life
    • Lesson 7: What Are You Thinking?
    • Lesson 8: Closing Thoughts
    • Lesson 9: Evaluating Your Relationship - PDF Worksheet
  • 2
    Chapter 2: Why Sex Is Challenging for Women in Short & Long-term Relationships
    • Lesson 1: Long-term Relationships Vs. Short-term Relationships
    • Lesson 2: How a Woman Needs to Feel (In Order to Have Sex)
    • Lesson 3: Vulnerability Is Essential
    • Lesson 4: Women Are the Same as Men in the Boardroom, Not the Bedroom
    • Lesson 5: What Women Don’t Say Vs. What Men Don’t Say
    • Lesson 6: Evolution & Your Sexual Instincts
    • Lesson 7: Desire Is Primal & Instinctive - Not Politically Correct
    • Lesson 8: Closing Thoughts
    • Lesson 9: Reflecting on Your Challenges & Desires - PDF Worksheet
  • 3
    Chapter 3: How Your Relationship Impacts Your Sex Life
    • Lesson 1: Understanding Your Relationship - Relationships Take Work!
    • Lesson 2: Respect
    • Lesson 3: If You Don’t Respect Him, You Won’t Want Him
    • Lesson 4: Flirting & Seduction
    • Lesson 5: We Want the Impossible
    • Lesson 6: Expectations in Your Intimate Relationship
    • Lesson 7: Allow Mystery & Tension Vs. “Best Friends”
    • Lesson 8: Life is Challenging, It Closes Our Bodies & Hearts
    • Lesson 9: Closing Thoughts
    • Lesson 10: Identifying Your Relationship & Ways to Spice it Up! - PDF Worksheet
  • 4
    Chapter 4: Reclaiming Your Desire
    • Lesson 1: Chapter 4 Introduction
    • Lesson 2: What Makes You a Sensual Woman?
    • Lesson 3: Cultivate Your Sensuality
    • Lesson 4: Give Your Sexual Self Permission to Show up & Show off - Capitalize On What Excites You
    • Lesson 5: Being with Your Body
    • Lesson 6: Practice Mental Focus
    • Lesson 7: Closing Thoughts
    • Lesson 8: Tuning in to Your Sensual Self & What Excites You - PDF Worksheet
  • 5
    Chapter 5: Better Sex Tonight!
    • Lesson 1: Chapter 5 Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Having Sex Vs. Making Love
    • Lesson 3: Tricks of the Trade & Try Something New to Amp up the Experience
    • Lesson 5: Dealing with Challenges
    • Lesson 6: Communicating Inside Vs Outside the Bedroom
    • Lesson 7: Reinventing Your Sex Life - What’s Next?
    • Lesson 8: Communicating with Your Heart, Mind, and Body - PDF Worksheet